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Digital solutions for medical learning

Who we are ?

We are a platform specializing in educational services for the entire medical profession.

We offer personalized solutions such as webinars, integrated long and medium term training platform, vod for professionals, tracking and data analysis, ...


Live with up to 5000 attendees

TV production

Even virtual set


All target devices





Always at the cutting edge of technology, we offer a whole range of personalized services adapted to the medical corp.


The Covid crisis has significantly increased the adoption of interactive online training.

We take care of the content management and the scripting of the webinar.

TV production

In order to increase the adhesion to your events we carry out filming to TV production standards.

Virtual Set

Enter the world of increased reality thanks to our virtual stand where we immerse your speakers in order to be able to fully control the visual elements.

Video production

Our creative and technical teams provide you with a high level of finishes for your institutional films, product demonstrations, teasers, etc.

Digital solutions

We develop digital solutions adapted to your needs and this whatever the type or the target device (crm, apps, data analysis, ...)

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